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Stevie Rachelle of TUFF
is the featured Profile (February 2003 pg. 82) in Brazils biggest color gloss rock magazine Roadie Crew.  A huge thanks to Ricardo Campos & Roadie Crew again!

TUFF "American Hair Band"
gets a headline quote in Metal Shop (Danger Kitty) article in Guitar One magazine. It has Nickelback on the cover, look for it on stands now (March 2003).

gets a mention in the book Bang Your Head "The Rise and Fall if Heavy Metal" (page 380)
by David Konow (2002).

has a 2 page feature (pages 56 & 57) with 3 full color photos in the November 2002 issue of 
Roadie Crew
. This magazine is one of the largest in Brazil. A special thanks to Ricardo Campos.

Motley Priest
has had a few great reviews in Rock City News in the last few months. Including the October 24th issue with Michael Diamond (Metal Shop) on the cover. A special thanks to Rueben Blue & Sister Mary. 

has a feature (page 21) in the Sept. 2002 issue of Classic Rock (UK) and a CD review of the "History of TUFF" in the Sept. 2002 issue (page 100) as well. These press plugs are coordinated with our Oct. tour of the UK.

Stevie Rachelle
& TUFF get several plugs & quotes in the September 2002 issue of SPIN magazine. There is a big article on the Sunset Strip that starts on page 72.  Stevie also gets a half-a-head in a picture just left of the Godfather Bill Gazzarri on page 76.

A killer article on TUFF/Stevie Rachelle appears in the June 2002 issue of Metal Edge on pages 44 & 45. Thanks again to Paul Gargano & Dov Teta for kicking ass.

An article on TUFF appears (Page 40) in the new issue (Feb. 2002) of Flash Magazine from Italy. It's about a half page article and contains a good size picture, too bad I can't read a word of it. This is the equivalent of Metal Edge for their country. Thanks Moreno you rule! :)

A Stevie Rachelle picture has hit the April 2002 Issue of Metal Edge (Page 42). It was taken at the KISS instore at Tower Records on Sunset Strip last year. Kenny from B. Creatures and John Lowery from M. Manson also stopped by and got shots in the feature too. Thanks to Anna Maria & Paul! 

gets multiple mentions by Poisons Bret Michaels in an '80s music article in the 
  "Las Vegas Review/Journal"
July 28th 2001 on page 108

A Stevie Rachelle photo in the U.K. magazine Kerrang (July 23rd 2001) in a Bret Michaels & Pamela
  Anderson porn video article. Ooops to Kerrang, they meant to put a picture of Bret but put me instead.
  The article also talks about Tommy Lee & Matt Zane as rockers who have appeared in porno! To see 
  this article please click here.

CD review in "Harder Beat"  *Dallas, TX vol. 9 no. 3 issue 94 July 2001 on page 15

gets a headline mention & a quote in "Billboard" June 23, 2001 on page 36 & 40

A TUFF CD preview is in "The Album Network" issue #1145 June 1, 2001 on page 23. To see this 
  article please click here coming soon...

  TUFF photos & review in "Rock City News"  * Hollywood, CA vol. 19 no. 10 May 17, 2001 on page 14

  A Stevie Rachelle TUFF interview is in "Blackvelvet" issue #28 May 2001 on page 34

  TUFF & Stevie Rachelle
are in "The Baszoid" May 2001 on page 9

  TUFF is in "The Patriot News"  *Lebanon, PA April 13, 2001 on page E-16

  Stevie Rachelle
CD review in "Hit Parader" February 2001 on page 77. To see this article please
  click here coming soon...

  Stevie Rachelle & TUFF article in "NoHo>LA"  *LA, CA vol. 3 no. 5 November 14, 2000 on page 8

  TUFF & Stevie Rachelle CD reviews in "Break Out"  *Germany November 2000 on page 53 & 56

  Stevie Rachelle CD review & interview in "Metal Shock"  *Italy October 1999 on page 17