Tuff Regurgitation

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Tuff “Regurgitation” was originally released by Big Cheese Records in Portugal in 1996 with different artwork and a different song order. This is the re-issue by RLS Records, it’s remastered, better art-work, a better song order – sounds and looks better and was released in 2000. This is a factory silver pressed CD has a 1 page, 2 panel insert. The Cd and inserts are brand new, MINT.
Re-Released 2000 (RLS)
Track List:

  1. Ain’t Worth A Dime
  2. Another Man’s Gun
  3. Round ‘Em Up
  4. A Place Where Love Can’t Go
  5. Forever Yours
  6. Want Trouble You Got It
  7. People They Change
  8. Don’t Complain
  9. Follow The Loser (live)
  10. In Dogs We Trust (live)
  11. God Bless This Mess (live)
  12. Spit Like This (live)
  13. Stop Pulling My Chain
  14. Put Out Or Get Out
  15. Alone With You
  16. Don’t Know Where I’m Going
  17. Money Talks
  18. School Bell Hell
  19. What Comes Around Goes Around
    Stevie Rachelle – vocals
    Jorge DeSaint – guitar
    Todd Chase – bass
    Michael Lean – drums