What Comes Around Goes Around remastered and reissued


LA rockers TUFF debut album What Comes Around Goes Around remastered and reissued by RLS Records Iconic album gets rebirth reissue on the 30th anniversary of its initial release

Los Angeles, CA – Long since out of print in any physical form, RLS Records has reached a licensing agreement with Rhino Entertainment, a division of Warner Music Group, to remaster and reissue the classic album What Comes Around Goes Around by famed LA rockers Tuff.

Available now, the reissue of the 1991 classic comes in both vinyl and CD format and features all ten original songs remastered by Paul Tavenner. Vinyl albums are available in special color options of white, purple, or black and come with a special insert featuring never before seen photos, lyrics and the original liner notes. CD’s feature a full color sixteen-page booklet of the same never before seen photos, lyrics and original liner notes. The remastered reissues are available for purchase individually or as part of package bundles with band merchandise, autographed copies and more.

What Comes Around Goes Around initially sold in excess of over one hundred thousand copies on the strength of their smash hit single “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye” reaching #3 on MTV’s highly rated “Dial MTV” as well as songs like “So Many Seasons” and “All New Generation.” Since that time, the album has been highly sought after by 80’s era rock fans and collectors, at times fetching over $100 for a CD and upwards of $200 for the Vinyl on online auction sites.

Once hailed as the next big thing on the glam / hair / hard rock circuit, Tuff originally released What Comes Around Goes Around on May 14 th , 1991 which was produced by Grammy award winning producer Howard Benson (Santana, Kelly Clarkson, My Chemical Romance). 

“When I was asked to produce Tuff, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” recalls Benson“What I got was four extremely hard-working, serious musicians that made a great piece of art. Stevie always wrote from the heart and the band slayed on each track. I am very proud of that record and consider it one of my best from that era.”

Tuff vocalist Stevie Rachelle is excited to see What Comes Around Goes Around reissued as well. “I am excited to say that after 3 decades, the Tuff debut will see an official reissue via RLS Records courtesy of the fine folks over at Rhino Entertainment and Warner Music Group. And yes… that means Vinyl too!”
The band has hopes of putting together some live show dates to celebrate the album’s reissue, however due to Covid, those plans are dependent upon the future of the pandemic.

For more information or to purchase the remastered, reissue of What Comes Around Goes Around along with related merchandise, fans can log onto